Wednesday, 8 January 2014



Now this post does exactly what it says on the tin and is about tea - shocker!

 I'm a massive tea fanatic and love to try tea from all over the world. Two years ago I spent a few weeks in Vietnam and picked up rose tea, Vietnamese tea and artichoke tea (an acquired taste!) and loved the variety. I drink a lot of fruit teas in the uk and am always on the hunt for new flavours on trips abroad.

For Christmas my wonderful dad bought me a gorgeous glass tea pot with some mango marigold flowering tea from who offer a fabulous selection of tea's and tea-wear (completely made that word up trying to sound like a tea connoisseur!).

I tried a flowering tea once before on a birthday trip to a local Chinese restaurant and have been taken with it ever since. 

The flavour is very delicate and I absolutely love watching the flower bloom in the tea. 

Que a stream of photos of the flower blooming...

"Each blossom is hand crafted by artisan tea masters in Fujian Province, China".

If you love tea I would definitely give this a try whether it's for a relaxing evening on your own or after a dinner party with friends it's a great finish to any evening!

Until my next exciting tea adventure ......



  1. So cool, have been wanting to try these kinds of teas for ages. Will have to get some, looks so pretty too xx

  2. You really should they are so delicious and grey fun :) xx