Friday, 11 October 2013


This is the first cake I made using fondant icing, slight mistake with the colour of the butter icing on the top of the bow. Should have coloured the butter icing to match with the bow but nevermind - a lesson not to be forgotten!
This was my second cake creation - a soaked lemon cake decorated as a bee hive with chocolate cupcakes, fondant icing bees and home made honeycomb. I got the idea of this cake from The Great British Bake off Red Nose Special and because my Dad is a sucker for honeycomb!
My third cake two tiered Minnie Mouse cake for a 16th Birthday party. Went down a treat =) Bottom level was a simple vanilla sponge and the top layer was devils chocolate cake (the secret is to use melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder, makes the cake much lighter and moist).
Here was my biggest cake to date - a four tiered engagement cake, each tier was in the shape of a hear and I made icing roses cascading down the front. Alternated the layers between vanilla sponge and chocolate cake. Took about 10 hours but was so worth it =)
This was a three tiered heart shaped cake with chocolate butter cream roses and edible pearls for a wedding anniversary. Such a simple technique but adds so much to the appearance of the cake.

A two tiered vanilla sponge for a lovely lady's 100th Birthday! Very simple construction with blue centre daisy's. 

One of my favourites - my step sisters favourite animal is an octopus so what better way to decorate a cake!

I really enjoy baking and recently decorating cakes into all types of spectacular creations! Do any of you bake? Have you tried working with fondant icing? Would love to see some photos!


  1. These are actually amazing! I love the minnie mouse one! Do they take long to make them look so epic?
    Really impressive! :D

    1. Thanks very much lovely! They do take a long time usually about 6 hours but depends how big they are! Do you bake?

  2. OMG!!! How these cakes look out of this world! Loving the looks of all of them, especially the first one because it looks like a very detailed jewelry box. Really can't tell that you messed up the colouring :)

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx