Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Evening lovelies!

After chatting to my lovely friend Chloe from Clo's beauty spot  about my holiday to America we decided to do a box swap - I would buy cosmetics in America for her and she would buy cosmetics from the UK for me and we would post them out to each other. I'm sure you have all heard of a box swap before but if not basically you both choose a budget, mention things you really don't like, for example I told Clo I don't think red lipstick suits me, and then you buy items you think the other would like! Its a great way to find new products you haven't tried before or to get your hands on some items you can't get in your country.

So below are the items Chloe sent me, she put little notes with each item to explain why she bought it which I thought was super cute =)

MUA Undress me too eye shadow palette

Barry M Eye shadow pencil 

If you can read the note she has put noticed that you love statement necklaces so thought you'd like this one. I love it!! From Primark. 

This bracelet she brought all the way back from her holiday in Turkey!!

I am so happy with all the items Chloe bought me - I love MUA I have one of their other eye shadow palettes, I've always wanted to try the colour tattoo and love burgundy at the moment (I think we all do this time of year =)), never really tried eye pencils so that was great and always need a lip product for the winter I have a terrible habit of biting my lips.

So first impressions were great! Unpacking the box was really exciting especially reading all the notes and seeing why she had chosen the products she had. The jewellery was completely unexpected but is so me and I love it.

So far I have experimented with the MUA eye palette and the Maybelline colour tattoo eye shadow; below are the looks I created. (I also created a more neutral look for a wedding here.)

MUA palette using colours Shy in the tear duct and under the brows, Lavish in the crease, Exposed on the lid and corrupt in the outer corner.

Here I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo as a base and then Fiery (gold) from the MUA palette on the eye lid, Naked in the tear duct and Wink in the outer corner. Used Lavish in the crease again.

Here I used the Maybelline as the base, and a mixture of all the golds and bronze tones in the palette and blended it out with Lavish again.

Here is just a fun look I created for Halloween! 

 I have used the Barry M eye pencil on my water line and it definitely brightens up the eye area and is easy to use, doesn't hurt the eye at all. The Nivea smells incredible, gives the lips a neutral sheen which I love.

I adore the MUA palette will definitely be a staple in my collection - the colours are stunning I love golds and bronze tones they blend really well and have fantastic staying power! The texture is really silky and the colour pay off is top notch. I adore the Maybelline Colour Tattoo - it takes on new dimensions and colours when you use it as a base and layer it with other colours but also stands well on its own if you use it as an all over lid colour by itself. Its really easy to blend and layer and doesn't feel heavy on the lid for a cream shadow.

Thank you so much Chloe! I love my goodies =)

Have you done box swaps? Have you tried any of these products?

See you soon =)
Nicola x


  1. I am so glad you liked the products :) Your make up looks are amazing!!!! Thanks so much for all my products, I filmed a video yesterday so should be up soon x

    1. Oh wow thanks so much lovely glad you like them :) ooh so excited to see your video!! Excited for Christmas woohoo!! Xx mwah

  2. Such a great idea and post loved the items you got :) x

    1. Thanks very much! Yeh I was really lucky and it's so exciting opening the box!

      Love your lace peplum too post, great blog :) x

  3. This is so exciting! loved reading about it! :D Beth xo

    1. Thanks doll :) it was so exciting opening my box I love beauty packages but trying new things is the best! Xx

  4. Love this idea! Love a bit of MUA too - can't get over how fabulous their products are. Really dig the Halloween look too - nothing better than a dramatic eye :-)

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  5. It really was so much fun! If you ever get the chance to do it grab it! I know mua is fab for the price, just discovered elf too which I adore!

  6. This is a great idea. Also I think I really need to get an MUA palette.
    Beth x

  7. You so should they are fab and even better for the price! Super excited about my Christmas box swap! X