A few of my favourite bloggers have a goals page on their blog that they update annually and I love the idea of looking back over the year and seeing what you have accomplished compared to what you imagined; you never know what's around the corner.

So here are my goals for 2014:

1. Continue working in footwear but in a larger company  - my career is very important to me I love all things fashion, marketing, merchandising, social media and buying. I currently am lucky enough to do all of these things in an Independent shoe shop but feel I have reached my peak and am looking for more challenges. 

2. Move in with my boyfriend - having a long distant relationship is rough and after 7 years I am itching to set up home with James.

3. Get more creative - I was given my Nanny's sewing machine last year after she passed away, she was always so creative making little outfits for our toys and clothing when she was younger - before the war she was training as a seamstress in Oxford Street.  I've made a few things so far including a quilt for my goddaughter but I want to make more time for crafts this year.

4. Bake more - as I've mentioned in a few of my posts I love baking and cake decorating however last year I didn't get to experiment as much with recipes as my focus was on decorating so I want to do a bit if both this year.

5. Read more - I love reading but go through stages of reading fashion mags over books and I want it to be more of an even split. The feeling of losing  track of time because you are stuck in the world a story can create is fantastic, once I find the right book you can't get me out of it!

6. Exercise more. Self explanatory really!

7. Volunteer - while I was in my final year of university in Hull I volunteered every Sunday at the local RSPCA and I loved it, I'd love to find a local charity to help at whenever I can.

8. Make photo books - I have taken so many photos of the years and I've been so lucky to experience some incredible holidays, wonderful experiences and made great memories with friends and family so id love to be able to look back over photo memory books. I also collect things like business cards napkins etc of places I've been to put in these books that I've never got round to making! Shame on me.

So there we have it my goals for 2014! No doubt I'll find myself adding more through the year but hopefully I'll complete my list by this time next year! 

I hope this has inspired some of you to set some goals for 2014 or at least consider what you would like to achieve. If you do I'd love to read them so please let me know!


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