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My lovely friend Chloe  tagged me to do the skin care post, it has taken me a while as I’ve been on holiday (blog coming soon!) but here it is, I hope you like it =)
Describe your skin care routine in 5 words.
Exfoliate, wash, tone, moisturise, massage ( technically massage and moisturise come hand in hand, I tend to massage my face cream into my skin - I read somewhere it helps the blood flow in your face but to be honest I just do it because it feels nice!)

What’s your skin type?

Combination but more towards oily. I get some dry patches and terrible eczema in the winter but have a very oily tzone (until recently!).
Top blemish zapper?

Sudocrem - I have relied on this for as long as I can remember!
Face wipes - yay or nay?

For me its definitely a no - they leave my skin feeling sticky and my pores clogged - they also make me lazy, if I have face wipes lying around the house and I get back late or am too tired I tend to head for these in favour of my normal skin care routine, not good!
Toner - yay or nay?

I love toner I have always used it and I feel like my pores are tighter after using it - think its just me thought!
High-end skin care or high-end makeup?

I can’t say I’ve actually used much of either - I used to use a lot of Clinique make-up and have used YSL touch éclat but apart from that I am definitely a high-street girl (my bank account is very happy with this fact!). However if I had to choose I would go with high-end skin care as not only have I heard very good things about skin care from Clinique and Liz Earl but I believe that no matter how expensive the make up is if your base isn’t right it will never feel perfect. 
What’s the most unusual skin care product you’ve tried?

Apart from using numerous different face masks and washes I haven’t really experimented much apart from using lemon juice to try and reduce spots and take away streaky fake tan, toothpaste on spots and cold tea bags on my eyes! 
Tell us your top skin care tip.
Moisturise! I was always under the impression that if you had oily skin you shouldn’t moisturise but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This week I returned from my summer holiday to America with this fantastic face moisturiser from The Naples Soap Company - my skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards and my oily skin has been significantly reduced!

I hope you enjoyed my skin care post - nothing revolutionary but just what works for me =)
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