Sunday, 6 October 2013


As a very late birthday present I was treated to cream tea at Cafe Liberty ( for a late birthday present. We turned up at midday, completely in awe of the Liberty building (I am ashamed to say I have never stepped foot in this beautiful monument) only to be told that afternoon tea isn’t served until after 3pm as the scones are made fresh on site. Well if that wasn’t an invite to hit the sales while we waited for the scones to cook then I don’t know what is!
Walking back down towards Oxford Circus we hit Topshop first - actually only to try their frozen yogurt (this particular friend and I are OBSESSED with frozen yogurt). Next we walked towards the huge Primark only to be stopped dead in our tracks as soon as we saw the sale sign in Zara. Zara is one of my most favourite shops but I don’t often allow myself in there for the fear of buying the entire store. However I do allow myself the treat of their sales, their discounts are incredible even from day one of the sale and to be honest I just couldn’t resist! 

So here is what I bought - two gorgeous pairs of high waisted shorts one slightly shorter than I would usually dare go but with the imminence of my holiday to America I thought I’d be brave and take the plunge, and for £15 I justified I’d be silly not too, right?! I also bought a navy blue jersey maxi dress with a key hole front, beading detail around the spaghetti straps and a tie waist. Usually all of these aspects on a dress along with the high neckline would be a massive no no to me but I was drawn in by the uniqueness of this dress, and once trying it on at home I did not regret my last minute addition to my basket! (Please excuse my messy bedroom in the background of this pic!)

Returning to Liberty’s for cream tea was definitely worth the wait. The home made scones were perfection, we got two each with clotted cream and the real star of the ensemble the homemade strawberry jam. I chose Mango Madness tea which is a black tea with dried mango pieces and Rhiannon chose one of the classics - Earl Grey; I love all types of tea and love trying new flavours so was very happy with my fruity explosion. I would definitely recommend cream tea at Cafe Liberty, the cafe itself was gorgeous, a quaint little room on the second floor decorated with gorgeous little pieces available to buy instore and each table had a different set of salt and pepper shakers (my favourite being the tea pot set, naturally). So here are a few photos of our wonderful experience there, a real birthday treat!

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