Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Hello Lovelies!

At the weekend I went to my cousin's wedding in Whitstable - a lovely little seaside town littered with small independent shops and souvenirs. My cousin and his bride are massive comic book fans and therefore based their wedding around this theme - they did it in such a cute and subtle way with decorations such as comic book bunting and individual papers flowers made out of comic book pages in each of the bouquets.

After a last minute trip to Bluewater and a few 'oh my gosh what am I going to wear' moments I settled on this gorgeous spliced flower print maxi dress from Topshop which was amazingly in the sale for £18! Only one in store my size - fate! I paired it with a top knot with pink flower head band from Primark, gold and black Aztec inspired earrings also from Primark, the most comfortable cream canvas wedges from New Look that I bought inthe summer (not available online any more) and my Nanny's classic black handbag and gold chain necklace that I used as a bracelet. (My gorgeous Nanny passed away two years ago and all the women in the family took one of her handbags so she could be there with us =).)

I kept my makeup very simple with neutral eyes using my new MUA palette, Clinique blush and a Wet and Wild pink lipstick, below is the finished look.

The bride and groom both wore comic book inspired converse continuing the theme into the reception with a personalised comic book sweetie corner, comic book wedding cake made by one of the guests and a polaroid camera with costumes to dress up and personalise your page in the guest book. The theme was subtle but done very well running along side a shabby chic element with lace table runners and white wooden lanterns. The wedding was inform and so much fun, below are some pictures from the day.

The Groom showing off his Aqua Man Converse Hi-tops.

The Brides footwear - paired with super cute and fashionable lace ankle socks.

The back of the dress, pleats, lace, diamonds all in an elegant a-line cut with a short double layered veil scattered with jewels. Stunning.

The cake with the Groom as Aqua Man bursting through the top to save his Bride!

I have to mention the gift we got them as I think it is so cute and the company I bought from are fab! Alphabet photography is relatively new but incredibly expensive, after a lot of research I came across Grace and David's website http://alphabetphotodesign.co.uk/. The price is much more reasonable compared to other sites and the service is first class, check them out for special occasions =)

I always struggle with a winter wedding worried that I'm going to be too cold - it took me such a long time to find a suitably warm and pretty outfit that wasn't black!

So what do you think? What would you wear for a winter wedding?

Nicola x

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